Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Freeway Madness Chapter 5

After they known each other, Jeff place six pack of beer then Steve stare at them with forehead creased. He lift up six packs,

Seriously?!” he asked in sarcasm tone with one eye brow lift,

That's the only left!” he shrugged,

I left few boxes of beer bottles and you gave us six packs?!”

You've already finished those, you drank it yesterday with remember? That's the last one.” he stare at him blankly to refresh his memory.

Nah! It's okey kid, I've already have drink before I'm stopping here.” Ross flicker his lighter for his cigarette on his lips.

Later, Dave come to his house just to inform about Mike and Henry departure but Jeff already knew earlier. Then he noticed there Ross beside Steve and Jeff introduced him to Dave. After they having little chat with Ross, Jeff and Dave are laying on the bed in Jeff's room staring blankly to the ceiling where full of metal and rock bands poster including his walls. They thinking about another way to continue their band, Thundersteel; it's taking for few minutes. Then Dave break the silence,

What now? Henry and Mike went out...what we gonna do now?” he look at Jeff,

Well...we continue writing some songs then start a little bit music compose.” Jeff open his black steel box in front of him. Dave start to disgust,

Seriously, I feel like not in the mood for write a song nor compose the music.” he almost like mumble, Jeff jump off from the bed suddenly,

Or...I have something to show you...” he open the black box under his desk, it contains various cd's, vinyl’s and some cassettes followed by Dave get from bed. He take out one of the cassette with stated “DEMO” on the front cover. “How about we both re-recording this and then send it to some independent labels.” he showing in front of Dave. He fold his arms with his on side eyebrows raise,

Seriously?! Are you blind?! We only two members left, that's us! How to re-record that?!” he asked. Jeff rolled his eyes

You can play bass, right?”,

Yeah, so?”,

You handle bass and drums while I'm handle lead guitars or rhythm and sing. Then we record it.” he explained. He got Jeff's idea that they both handle two instruments and later it will credit to new bassist and rhythm guitar. He take a cassette from his hand and look at song list; it consists three songs.

Okey, that will take time.” he throw it on the bed,

So what's the problem, I've got no problem with that. You?”
He shake his head, “No, but I didn't like it.”

Then what find some other guys first after that re-recording or make a new song? I think that will take too long.” Jeff gave another idea. Dave let sighed loudly, he thinks that Jeff was right;

Okey...You're right. Anyway you want to cancel some song replace it with new?” he asked. He nodded,

Yeah and I think we need one cover song.” he take the guitar beside his bed and place on his lap while he sitting near to desk.

That is not necessary.” Ross appear all the sudden as rest his shoulder at the door frame with his leg crossed. They both surprised he appear at his room without realizing,

If you want send this to the label, you don't need a cover song and they want your masterpieces unless they ask. Trust me you don't need to, ask Steve. Your dad, Steve and I been through it.” he sit beside Dave and Steve wheeling enter Jeff's room.

Only both of you will re-record this demo? I've heard two member had left you guys.” he take the cassette examined. They both silence and nodded, while Jeff strumming his guitar

Suddenly one of his guitar string disconnected and hit Dave's face accidentally. He start screaming in pain as everyone in the room were shocked. Jeff panicky put his guitar down and he stood nearly to him,

Shit! Are you okey?!” he concerned, try to remove his hand covering his face

Oww! I think face is bleeding!” he begin burst tear of pain while Ross chuckles at him,

I...I don't think so, it just a scratch” he shuttered. Then he removed his, he stare at him with horror, Dave became more panicky after he seen Jeff's expression. He had thin scar across his face and still bleeding. Later, Steve provide first aid and Jeff standing while treat his scar in a bathroom where Davey sits on edge of bathtub. When he put some antiseptic on his scar, he start complaining and whining,

Dude! Stay put and shut the fuck up!” he command,

Easy for you to say! I think I've asked you so many time to change the guitar not just the strings!! You fucking asshole!” he kicked Jeff's leg, he begin scream in pain. Afterwards, he fired with slap on his face and toast the cotton with antiseptic on scar. He moan loudly then he punch Jeff arm and Steve rapidly wheeled to them,

Hey! Stop it! Both of you, act like your age! Jeff go to Ross, I'll handle him!” he push him away from Davey. He command him and he raise middle finger to Davey,

Jeff, don't make me ripped your balls!! Go!” he pointing backward without look at him, he walked out with rolled his eyes and Dave chuckles,

Shut up! You too!” Steve fired and remained silence. Jeff walk toward Ross, he examine his guitar and look up at him,

One of your tuning keys had broken and cause this strings disconnected.” he showed broken keys and strings.

Can it be repair?” Jeff asked, he sitting on his bed beside him,

Before I answer that, how long did you use this guitar?” he stare seriously at him,

I...don't...remember, I think since I was eight or ten-”,

Are you fucking kidding me?! Forget it!” he get up and slam his ugly guitar on the floor. Jeff jaw drop shock by his action toward his Stratocaster copy guitar, he lost a word for a while then Steve and Davey come out from bathroom after they heard slamming sound.

What the fuck are doing?! Have you lost your mind?!” Steve screaming to his friend,

Well I've lost my mind when I find out Jeff still using cheap quality Fender copy, why don't you buy some new or a little bit better than this! You're so cheap!!” he showing broken fretboard,

Ah come on! That's standard for Fender copy.” he wheel near to the broken guitar,

Still, you let this kid to continue using until reach ten years and I heard their that Friday night was irritating. It's time to change.” Jeff already thought to buy a new but Steve won't let him even though he use his own money.

 After they clean up the mass in Jeff's room, Ross offer them that he become manager; since Ross had known Jeff for long time and he got interested when he wants to continue his late father legacy. Jeff excitedly accepted his offer. Besides Jeff right now does not have his guitar so he can't continue his recording until he buy it and that night they prepare going out for dinner except Dave because he return to home.

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