Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Freeway Madness Chapter 4

Sunday morning, Steve cutting the onions preparing for the lunch on dining table in the kitchen. Then he heard loud music cause Jeff's door vibrating, he stop his and looking to the wall clock shows: 10.30 am. 'Wow that's early!' he thought. Usually Jeff wake up late noon especially on Sunday, again he heard the door open let the loud music roaring the house.

You are up early!” Steve continue cutting his onions, Jeff replied with hum. He study his expression while he pouring the milk into a glass.

You are seems not in a morning mood.” he focus back his action,

Not really...” he mumble and drink the milk, Steve puzzled

Mike and Henry left the band.” he finished his milk. Steve sigh loudly, he drop his knife on the table,

Is it because of that night?!” he asked angrily, Jeff look at him and nodded. He looked at disbelieved and stare at the table blankly,

Dude....I'm sorry...that's terrible...are they giving up?!” he asked again, Jeff shrugged,

They didn't say anything. Actually they left voice message and I got it this morning.” he placed the clean glass at glass handler.

Didn't you call them back, ask them why?” he getting furious,

I can't call their number back, both numbers didn't exist. I guess they change it” he replied.

Look I'm not angry at you of course, but them!! I'm assume they giving up-”

Goddammit! Steve you can't just simply pointing them, you don't know what exactly their reason behind this! Could be personal problem.” he spat,

Ha! At least...at least they tell you something before leaving, right? So that you won't wondering what wrong with them!” he asked, Jeff look out the window and sighed loudly. He nodded agreed what he said. They silence at the moment and Steve continue,

Look kid, I didn't meant to interrupt your business...I just want help you and these guys are very irresponsible. I feel bad for you bro, they easily walking over you and I know you want to defend them because they are your friends since you are child. I'm sorry shouldn't pointing that out easily...I do respect them, it just I don't want you-” he realise he shouldn't said anything like that.

You don't want me what?” he is getting curious,

Nothing, I don't you become some other band during my time. Their band member take advantage of him then turns out nothing. That's my worry. You know what why don't you help me with dirty laundry while I'm preparing for lunch.” he lied and continue his action,
Okey.” he walk away from kitchen left Steve alone in the kitchen then he sighed loudly, 'Shit! That was close, so close! I shouldn't tell him now, this is not a right time or should I?!'
He place his palm on his forehead stare blankly to the window.


At the evening, Jeff is searching the vinyl on the cupboard while Steve smoking his cigarette, reading some books. Jeff found one of vinyl and start smirking at it,

Hey...I don't know you had this!” he excited,

What?” he look at him, exhaled the smoke and tapping his cigarette on ashtray solid glass. He flip the cover facing him and he surprised,

I don't know they still exist in my cupboard!” he smirked and raise his hand. Jeff hand it and stare at it,

Saxon; Rock the Nations.” he mentioned the name of vinyl, “I think bought this during touring around England with my band, we hang out together with your dad of course to local record store.” he flip at back,

Is that came out in 1986?” he asked,

Oh yeah, it was new for us at that time.” then he noticed something on the cover, below left side, 

“Owh...” he mumbled.

What's wrong?” he asked,

This...belongs to your dad,” he show and pointing at it stated with black ball point marker;
'It's mine, bitch! Get your own!!'

Jeff start to chuckles, “Oh yeah I remembered, mine had been stolen.” Steve continue and put it on the table.

How?” he asked,

Well it my stupidity, one of my buddy borrowed and never returned. Take from my advice don't you ever give your record to somebody either men or women, they all the same.” he rolled his eyes. Jeff smile at him, Steve stare at him with stern and he clear his throat,

I don't understand why they give a lots of bad review about this album, I think it's awesome. Of not as good as the previous like Strong Arm of the Law.” he is upset,

Yeah I don't understand either...Oh well, that's personal thoughts, some bastard not so open minded.” he inhale the cigarette,

Mind if put this on your stereo?” he asked and showing the vinyl,

Sure I would love to and now it's a little bit freedom our retard neighbour beside us is already moved out, in case you didn't know.” he exhale while Jeff brushing the record,

Seriously?” he stop his action and Steve nodded. He slowly place the vinyl on the turntable, the start music playing and turn the volume.

Oh come on!! Turn it up more!!” he shout,

Chill...dudee!” he give him a stern look, then slowly turn the volume up. Jeff walk to the sofa sits beside his uncle relaxing while exhaling the smoke of cigarette.
Now that's freedom.” he said. They enjoying the music with closing their eyes, suddenly, they interrupted by knocking at the door. 'Neighbours.' they thought looking at the door and then they stare each other, playing paper and scissor game who's going to opened it. Final result Steve showing rock and Jeff showing a paper “Ha!”, Steve pointing finger at him, lose. He stand up and walking toward the door with loud sigh, 'Here we go again...' his thoughts. He unlock the door and sees a tall men with skinny body but muscular, long blonde hair until upper his shoulder and sun glass. He looks similar to Bobby “Blitz”,

Bobby 'Blitz' wannabe?” he asked,

Some sort of and you are not the first one said that.” he chuckles and take off his glass,

By the way, don't you remember me? I'm Ross!” he smile, Jeff jaw drop puzzled and come near to him look up at Ross,

Ross?!” he surprised,

Hey, Steve. You evil bastard haven't for many years, I miss you bro.” lean downward and hugging him. He smack and scratch his head with his knuckles, “Ow! That hurt you scumbag!” he rubbing his pain.

Heh! Pretty long I haven't do that! And you!” he is pointing finger to Jeff, “You have dad's hand and looks. I'm sure you didn't remember me well.” he smile. 'Yes! Exactly! Who the hell are you?!!' he look upset at him, Steve pat his hands,

Jeff, this is Ross our ex-manager. You are always saw him shooting signboard from the bus window during tour, remember? He looks a little bit different now” he introduced. 'Yeah...I know you. Now I remember, you. You retard' he is nodding while narrowed his eyes.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Freeway Madness Chapter 3

 “The winner...is....” as the host read a piece of paper on his hand while the others start praying and the crowds shouting the bands name. “Black Curse!” he shouted. Chad and his members cheering while Jeff and his mates shocked in their stomach what they heard, they felt upset at the same time as they didn't get labels. Then, they looked each other “That means we're no.2, not bad!! Hell yeah!!” Davey raise his hands to the air and they push Jeff to take $10,000 check. However, not everyone in the hall were happy with the result and most them disbelieved what they heard 'What?!' said among each other, some of them shaking their head. Chad roll his eyes cocky toward Thundersteel, then walk to the microphone 

“Thank you for your supporting guys, we love you!” he said. After that one the people in the crowd, “Says who?! We hate you!!” the guy spat, 

“You are not even singing, you're screaming and you only care about looks! Boo!” another spat followed by his friends throwing a cup of beer to them and hit Chad face. 
“Hey!!” he angrily, they chuckles while give high five each other and the host and judges calming the crowd as they getting wild; booing and throwing some items to them. The other band panicky watching them, 

“That is our best choice and you have no idea how difficult to make a decision who going to win this. Our judgement is final!” one of the judges explained. The crowds getting angrier then before so there a lots of throwing items to them, Chad insanely jump off toward them make one them fall down and he start punching him. Everyone start encore 'fight' and it is totally chaos in the hall,

This is madness!!” Mike shouted watch them in horror,

Quick we must get the hell out of here before it is getting worse!!” Jeff quickly lead their way off the stage bringing together with check.

Or get arrest for involving even we didn't do anything!!” Henry said. The others band also follow them walk at back stage. Left Black Curse and the other dealing with them.
After the show, Jeff sit silently at the front passenger seat whereas Steve focus on driving at nearly late night with heavy rain pouring upon on his truck. Steve look at him right corner his eyes and return focus,

Did you see me?” he try make conservation with him but he replied with nodded. They pause at the moment,

Look I'm sorry.” Jeff mumble,
Steve shock and puzzle at the same time,

 “For what?!” he still focusing on the road,

I sorry that...I'm disappoint you and...I just wasting your money for renting the studio for practising or concert. It turns didn't work out.” he look out of the window start nothing but darkness and rain.
“Hey, I've never felt disappoint because of you. That's part of journey become a musician.” he chuckles. Jeff still staring outside,

Dude, that just only one label, only one! You have no idea how your dad and I facing this problem, we send our demo labels to labels and we went there. Most of them rejected and some of them accepted but we must follow some of his conditions...” he glance at him then focus on 
the road. He start look at him as he want to know more from him,

What his conditions?” he become curious,

You know what his conditions?!” he asked him, Jeff respond shaking his head,

Change our looks into something like glam fashion at that time or...change our sound into something radio friendly! In other words, more commercialize!!” Jeff still stare at him then he change his position to sit up straight.

So...deny them didn't you?” he asked,

Of course, we said 'Fuck you!'” he raise his middle finger, still focusing on wheels. He sigh loudly,

And at last we got it. Anyway that just labels, you are not even reach media controversy yet. Another bastards want to change us and stop us but we don't give shit. We do what we love and no one can't stop us. We're ugly people, we prove ugly music and it is whether you love it or hate it, that's it!” he chuckles followed by Jeff. The conservation paused again. “Hey, I'm sure that dad must be proud even he's not here physically and all of my past members.” he pull over, they reach at their house. Both come out from the truck, Jeff pull out his guitar case put on the ground and he pull the wheelchair for Steve. After helping him out,

Come on don't be a sad face, let's have a drink.” he unlock the door and enter except him, drink?! stunned hear that word,

Umm...Steve you know that I can't drink...yet. I'm just 20.” he reminded him uncomfortably, he barely listen him while pulling out a bottle and a can of beer from the fridge.

By the way, I can't drink not until I reach 21” he said looking down to him, Steve open a can for him,

Screw the drinking age!! Follow European law and you know your dad is half English so he started drink at your age...or younger than you.” he tried to recall, he gave a beer to Jeff. He uncomfortably hold it and Steve collide his bottle of beer to his can, “Cheers!” he raise his bottle and start to drink it. Jeff puzzled raise it, he sipped the beer and he immediately spit out. Steve laugh at him,

You should see your own faces...” he continue laugh. Jeff give him stern look, Steve control his laugh,

Don't worry, I was like that when got a first drink and kinda remind me some how.” he chuckles.
Nah! Slowly by slowly you'll get used. Cheers again!” he raise his bottle and followed by Jeff after wiping his lips with white cloth. Then he drink and give him a smirk.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Freeway Madness Chapter 2

8:45 pm Friday night
Tonight is big day for Jeff because the competition going to happen in any minutes. Meanwhile in the hall, the crowds almost filling the hall, most of them are teenagers and the rest are young adult. In front of these crowds, there is a thick iron bar separate them from the judges. While on the stage there three people set up and checked the instruments and equipments for last preparation before the show start. Meanwhile, behind the stage numbers groups warming up with instruments and their vocals. Most them were wearing their favourite band's t-shirt together with traditional metal uniform like leather jackets, denim jacket and chains. Jeff and his group walked up the stairs to stage and Davey, his drummer peeking the crowds behind the curtains,

Oh my God! Duuude, that's huge,that's huge, huger than last show!” he refer the crowds.
Hey, relax this is not your first time. It just crowds getting bigger” Henry the bass tried to calm his member while he put both hand on his. Davey with thin beard covered his face and he has body chubby body, the bandanna tied on his forehead is getting wet because he is sweating. Then backstage employee approached to them,

Okey, you guys are the forth, please line up” he asked and he lead these guys come down to queue. The employee keep continue shouting at the other group to manage them. Later, Davey sees his genesis. Correction; another band contestant where they more popular compare to Jeff's band. They were wear band shirts, skate shoes, cameo shorts, and white make up with black massacre. As usual they had long hair except his bassist short spike hair, the singer have thin beard cover his jaw. They walk toward to stage and backstage employee approached them quickly,

Where the hell have you been?! You are up next!” he walked away and sigh angrily.
They watching him walk, continue heading to stage and start smirking as they sees Jeff warming his guitar.

Hey...nice guitar...” he mocking Jeff's guitar, his band mates start chuckling. His Stratocaster copy guitar body dark green with a little glittering, maple fretboard and black six strings. Jeff roll his eyes look at him,

Well thanks, Chad.” he sighed,

Is your last minute weapon?” Chad jokingly while his mates still chuckles. Jeff remain silence, stare at him and Chad call one of his friends to bring guitar for him.

Hey, my dad just bought this guitar couple days ago” he opened the guitar case and showed his black Jackson guitar. It look shiny as new,

Is...is that that Randy Rhoads guitar?!” Mike second guitarist from Jeff's band,

Not just that, it's X series too. The latest.” Chad's bassist said and Mike and the rest of the band begin to jaw drop except Jeff.
Jealous heh? By the way, my dad had one his friend working with Jackson so got a little bit discount of it.” he sling his guitar ready for show as current band on the stage nearly end and the crowds begin to wild.
Very impressive Chad but I'm not buy it and-”

Your strings had broken 5 times and you nearly screw up last show” he cut off Jeff.
Jeff sigh loudly while the drums and guitar on stage still roaring,

What do you want Chad?” he asked and Chad looking around. He try to wrap his hand on his should want to speak secretly but Jeff backward a bit,

I don't need that just tell me what you want and you are running out of time!” he warned.

Well you know we have been known each other since high school and you were in my band before, but then things not got quite right-”

Just say what you want!” Jeff getting annoyed by him,

I...I want you to be in my band. If you're with me I can give you a new guitar, your guitar near broke, bro. Anyway, I mean you have a talent, bro and you are good composer and song writings.”

Yeah, thanks...but no thanks” he refused. Chad puzzled, he confused what he meant

No, I knew you gonna used my guitar as trigger object, pursuing me to get into your band. Besides, to be honest I didn't like your music direction.” Jeff getting near to him, suddenly tone of his band member calling Chad,

Chad, we're up! Don't waste your time with that pussy, he'll never be with us!” one his mate calling him, he start walk away from him toward stairs heading to the stage. Then he turn back at Jeff,
You know you just miss your opportunity, I won't offer anymore-” he pointing finger to him,

Okey.”he answered back,

Even if I win-”,

Chad felt rage failing to pursue him, he continue walk up to stage and he stopped again,

You are pussy wake up, move foreword! No one will listen to your music! Make a music a bit radio friendly then you get attention by record company easily, you know. If you want to continue on your way, you better stop and you'll never make it!” he walked toward the stairs. 
Jeff sighed loudly and continue his warming with his guitar, Davey walked panicky to him,
Jeff, Jeff I have to go bathroom!” he anxiously,
Seriously?! Now?!” he disbelieved,

I'm sorry dude, I'm having a big time!” he quickly gave drumsticks to him and rushed to the bathroom.

Where did he go?” Mike asked,

Bathroom.” he responded without at him.

Did he know that we have only less than 10 minutes?!” he complained

I know, right.” he rolled eyes and backstage man approached to them,

Hey, you guys better standby at the stairs because you are up next and it's easier for you.” the man command them and lead them to the stairs. They heard the presenter introduce Chad's band,

...our next contestant is...Black Curse!!!!” he ran to behind stage and they running to stage. Chad greets the crowds as they cheering loudly and slowly quiet. The drummer hitting triple rapidly on the hi-hat and immediately started music with machine gun speed of double bass. He begin the riff and some of the fans went crazy, raise the fist, showing devil hands and jumping each other. He start to screaming where Jeff and his mates watching them at behind the stage with puzzle expression and jaw drop confused,

Is he screaming or...singing? Mike scratch his head,

Both.” Jeff while his eyes still on them. They paused at the moment watching their behavioural jumping around.
Hmm...they sounds like they being circumcision” Henry mocking tone at the same time he rubbing his chin. They laughing including backstage stuff. After Black Curse done, they thank to the judges and fans. Chad walk to back stage, he saw Jeff stood with his members, he rolled his eyes and bumped his shoulder purposely. It cause he loss a little balance, he look at him angrily and he rubbed his pain shoulder. Suddenly he noticed Davey haven't return from bathroom,

Hey, is Davey have return yet?” he begin panic as his drummer not appeared yet.

No.” all of them shaking his head. Fuck! The presenter returned to the stage he give information about his band and the stuff guy said,

Okey, you are up!” he command,

Wait! Can you give us few minutes 'cuz my drummer have return yet.” he asked anxiously,

Are kidding me?! You have few second to get on the stage!” he want pushed him to the stage. Before he respond Davey running toward to them,

Sorry, that I'm late. What did I miss?” he gasping for air,

We are on now!!” all them screaming to him causing him jump off and Jeff give the drumsticks to him. All sigh anxiously as the host call their band name,

...given' up Thundersteeelll!” they walk in to the stage and take their position, the crowds cheering for them. Jeff stood in front of them and nodded at his band mates as he return to the crowd, he saw Steve sits in his wheelchair one of the crowds. He give a little smirk followed by nod and he give similar respond to him. Davey did the same action as Black Curse's drummer did and the music blasted the hall. Their music style combination of NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) with and speed metal and a bit of Thrash riffs, it is like Saxon plays in Running Wild speed. Most the crowds starts to like it and headbanging; it shows they more interest to them compare to Black Curse.
After an hour show, now it time the judges to reveal the winner. One of the judges walk to stage, hand in a piece of paper to the host, he look at it and nodded to him whereas others band stood on the stage waiting for the result. The host present the winner price; their price is...$50,000 check together dealing some independent record label for first price. While second price is $10,000 check and the third is $5,000 check. He look at the paper; first, reveal the band third place and every one in the hall cheering and applause . The co-host give away the price to the third winner then the host calm the audiences and they remained silence while he about to announced the first place,
Okey this the moment of truth, the first place is...” as the bands on the stage started praying whereas the fan shouting the band name.