Sunday, 18 September 2011

Freeway Madness Chapter 3

 “The” as the host read a piece of paper on his hand while the others start praying and the crowds shouting the bands name. “Black Curse!” he shouted. Chad and his members cheering while Jeff and his mates shocked in their stomach what they heard, they felt upset at the same time as they didn't get labels. Then, they looked each other “That means we're no.2, not bad!! Hell yeah!!” Davey raise his hands to the air and they push Jeff to take $10,000 check. However, not everyone in the hall were happy with the result and most them disbelieved what they heard 'What?!' said among each other, some of them shaking their head. Chad roll his eyes cocky toward Thundersteel, then walk to the microphone 

“Thank you for your supporting guys, we love you!” he said. After that one the people in the crowd, “Says who?! We hate you!!” the guy spat, 

“You are not even singing, you're screaming and you only care about looks! Boo!” another spat followed by his friends throwing a cup of beer to them and hit Chad face. 
“Hey!!” he angrily, they chuckles while give high five each other and the host and judges calming the crowd as they getting wild; booing and throwing some items to them. The other band panicky watching them, 

“That is our best choice and you have no idea how difficult to make a decision who going to win this. Our judgement is final!” one of the judges explained. The crowds getting angrier then before so there a lots of throwing items to them, Chad insanely jump off toward them make one them fall down and he start punching him. Everyone start encore 'fight' and it is totally chaos in the hall,

This is madness!!” Mike shouted watch them in horror,

Quick we must get the hell out of here before it is getting worse!!” Jeff quickly lead their way off the stage bringing together with check.

Or get arrest for involving even we didn't do anything!!” Henry said. The others band also follow them walk at back stage. Left Black Curse and the other dealing with them.
After the show, Jeff sit silently at the front passenger seat whereas Steve focus on driving at nearly late night with heavy rain pouring upon on his truck. Steve look at him right corner his eyes and return focus,

Did you see me?” he try make conservation with him but he replied with nodded. They pause at the moment,

Look I'm sorry.” Jeff mumble,
Steve shock and puzzle at the same time,

 “For what?!” he still focusing on the road,

I sorry that...I'm disappoint you and...I just wasting your money for renting the studio for practising or concert. It turns didn't work out.” he look out of the window start nothing but darkness and rain.
“Hey, I've never felt disappoint because of you. That's part of journey become a musician.” he chuckles. Jeff still staring outside,

Dude, that just only one label, only one! You have no idea how your dad and I facing this problem, we send our demo labels to labels and we went there. Most of them rejected and some of them accepted but we must follow some of his conditions...” he glance at him then focus on 
the road. He start look at him as he want to know more from him,

What his conditions?” he become curious,

You know what his conditions?!” he asked him, Jeff respond shaking his head,

Change our looks into something like glam fashion at that time or...change our sound into something radio friendly! In other words, more commercialize!!” Jeff still stare at him then he change his position to sit up straight.

So...deny them didn't you?” he asked,

Of course, we said 'Fuck you!'” he raise his middle finger, still focusing on wheels. He sigh loudly,

And at last we got it. Anyway that just labels, you are not even reach media controversy yet. Another bastards want to change us and stop us but we don't give shit. We do what we love and no one can't stop us. We're ugly people, we prove ugly music and it is whether you love it or hate it, that's it!” he chuckles followed by Jeff. The conservation paused again. “Hey, I'm sure that dad must be proud even he's not here physically and all of my past members.” he pull over, they reach at their house. Both come out from the truck, Jeff pull out his guitar case put on the ground and he pull the wheelchair for Steve. After helping him out,

Come on don't be a sad face, let's have a drink.” he unlock the door and enter except him, drink?! stunned hear that word,

Umm...Steve you know that I can't drink...yet. I'm just 20.” he reminded him uncomfortably, he barely listen him while pulling out a bottle and a can of beer from the fridge.

By the way, I can't drink not until I reach 21” he said looking down to him, Steve open a can for him,

Screw the drinking age!! Follow European law and you know your dad is half English so he started drink at your age...or younger than you.” he tried to recall, he gave a beer to Jeff. He uncomfortably hold it and Steve collide his bottle of beer to his can, “Cheers!” he raise his bottle and start to drink it. Jeff puzzled raise it, he sipped the beer and he immediately spit out. Steve laugh at him,

You should see your own faces...” he continue laugh. Jeff give him stern look, Steve control his laugh,

Don't worry, I was like that when got a first drink and kinda remind me some how.” he chuckles.
Nah! Slowly by slowly you'll get used. Cheers again!” he raise his bottle and followed by Jeff after wiping his lips with white cloth. Then he drink and give him a smirk.

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