Saturday, 20 August 2011

Freeway Madness- Pre Chapter

In the middle of night with heavy rain pouring along the highway, there is the bus drives with moderate speed. In the mean time, band and the crews having leisure time like drinking, chatting about rock 'n' roll or metal music and some of them well....sleeping after long day working. There is a man has long dark blonde hair more the his shoulder with long beard walking to another room while he is drinking beer on his hand. He knocking the door while the rock music playing loud inside and he could hear guitar solo. He pause for a while still no response and he decide to open the door slowly.
Then he see a boy sit on the corner, concentrating his work on his sketch book and he noticed a man has entered the room. He quickly turn down volume of music “No,no,no it's okey. I love this song, anyway.” he smile at him and continue drinking beer. A boy smile back at him and continue his work and a man walk toward him, sits beside him. He try to sneaking the boy work,
What are you doing, kid?” he ask politely.
Umm... nothing just sketching..” a boy keep doing his drawing,
May I take look at it?” he show his hand to take a look the boy art.
I think it's better not take a look at because it look horrible” boy trembling,
How come you even judge like that? And I'm not even take look at it yet” a man creased his forehead while the boy away from him and his artwork. The conservation pause at the moment;
I think you just nervous. It's okey I won't say anything and I tell anybody if is bad.” he whispering,
the sigh loudly and he feel not trusting him “Promise?!” ask with worry tone.
The man raise his right, “I swear in the name of God.” he smile at him and the boy hand in the book to him.
He take it while smiling at the boy then he raise both eyebrows. The boy still staring at him;
Actually, it really good!” he look at the boy surprisingly and he clear his throat.
Well correction; this is awesome!” he return the book to him, he smile again at the boy while stroking his head.
Thank you.” he spoke slowly.
No problem. Did you got inspired by this song while making this work?” a man asked him again. The boy just nod, suddenly another man with long black hair with moustache and long beard come in to room.
Hey kid, time for bed. Mama already calling you and you with beer on his hand I'm finishing with yet.” he pointing to the blonde man. He roll his eyes while drinking,” a boy frowning to his dad and there a women enter the room enter the room.
Stop it boys! That's enough.” she roll her eyes look those men and she smile at her son,
Come honey.” she reach her hand to him and the boy look upset at his mother.
What? You can talk to him on tomorrow. Say good night to Uncle Steve.” she pointing at blonde hair man while his mother stroking his head and the boy get up while sigh loudly.
Bye...good night” he waves his to him.
Bye! Sleep well, kiddo.” he smile broadly and continue drinking his beer.
Both mother and son leave the room, once she close the door both hear some bang and Steve's grunting. They start their wrestling is that room.

Later, the digital clock on dashboard driver side shows 2:30 am and the bus driver look at it. He starts yawning and he shaking his head fight his sleepiness,
Dude, you look need some nap. I'll take over the wheels.” his co-pilot look worry at him.
Look I didn't how many times I told you this' I'm fine!!', really!!” the driver rise his hand to stop his concern.
Hooookey, let me know when you need it.” he pull thin blanket cover his body and slowly he close his eyes.
The driver start having difficult to fight his drowsiness, he slowly close his eyes and fall asleep while both hands still on the wheel. Suddenly, he hear loud honking him getting near so he immediately awake and he see bright white light coming toward him. He could not think to avoid because is too late then loud bang and crushers echoing his dream.

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